Hudson, NY & The Antique Warehouse

Hudson, a historic town located on the western border of Columbia county in upstate New York. Known by many interior designers and artists alike for their incredible antique shopping and small businesses. Frequently visited by Brooklynites +  city folk. Hudson has been on my bucket list for a while, specifically after I started following an Instagram account called @thisoldhudson. This Old Hudson is a curation of aesthetically beautiful homes in Hudson, NY used for creative rentals. The Instagram page often showcases local shops and restaurants scattered down Warren St. Which just happens to be small business heaven. No really there is not one chain store in the area besides an extremely small CVS (which still has the vintage facade and signage!) Right up my alley. I recently moved to Hoboken, NJ and was in need of some art work and decor pieces. I figured there couldn’t be a more perfect time to take the 2 hour trip up there!

Photos taken on Warren St.


We went into a few of the local shops before stopping for brunch at Le Perche. Le Perche is the sweetest little French bakery + bar located on Warren St. I highly recommend planning your day out and making dining reservations ahead of time, it was busy! All of the local restaurants are in older homes and buildings so the dining space in each place is limited.

Le Perche Bakery + Bar | 230 Warren St.


It was a bit chilly out so we did not spend too much time walking down Warren St or exploring the area too much. I definitely will be coming back to the area to do so and would love to plan a campaign shoot for Simplicity in Mind! The architecture was so lovely.


After brunch we headed over to The Antique Warehouse. If you are an interior design aficionado, this place is a must! I was not anticipating how large the space actually was. You could easily spend an entire day walking through the warehouse, there was so much inventory. Inside the warehouse is composed of different vendors selling their goods. From antique steamer trunks, furniture, oil paintings and art work, clothing, vintage signage, photos, and nick-nacks you’re sure to find something. The price point really depended on the vendor, there was something for everyone there. I ended up leaving with a handprinted terra-cotta pot for $30, an etched brass vase for $10, a hand carved piece of wood from France (that I’ll be hanging up as art) for $75, and a ton of inspiration!

One of my finds at the Antique Warehouse


I can not wait to visit again and explore the town more, maybe even do a little vintage shopping for! There were so many great finds and lots to do in the area. So if you’re looking to escape the city life for a while, I highly recommend taking the drive or Amtrak up to the area.

Photos taken in The Antique Warehouse


Written by: Rachel Calvelli

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