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In need of some new art prints to brighten up your walls? Here at Simplicity in Mind, we love original artwork and are always on the hunt for those super special pieces. When choosing inventory, we tend to gravitate towards anything that is influenced by vintage design. Especially a retro 70’s aesthetic.

Recently we picked up a new brand, ColorbloKC which is created digitally by Jess Macy of Kansas City. All of Jess’s work is composed of a minimal vintage design. You will also notice a consistent color palette through out all of her work. What we love most about ColorbloKC, is that it is women owned and all of the artwork is made in the USA. The best part… this artwork is not sold on Amazon.

We are so happy to be carrying  ColorbloKC, take a look below and check out the pieces we have in stock. Periodically the inventory will change as the products sell down. Be sure to stop back or check out our Instagram stories for updates!




  1. Grandma Wrote:

    I really like the way you’re branching out,….clothing, jewelry, and now Art! Good for you, Rachel! Wish you the best of luck….rather, God’s Richest Blessings!

    • SIM Wrote:

      Thanks grandma, love you!

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