5 Ways to promote a sustainable wardrobe

So you’ve been seeing all the posts recently on social media about sustainability, slow fashion, and faire trade garments, but you’re not quite sure where to start? Here are our top 5 tips for promoting  a more sustainable wardrobe to get you started!


5 Ways to promote a sustainable wardrobe:

1.) Ask the question: Who made my clothes? Especially when shopping new brands. Get to know the story and history behind the company. What are their morals, what do they promote? Ask all the questions!

2.) Take a look at what you already own. Again, re-use it in different outfits. This is also giving you a chance to be more creative with your looks!

3.) Be mindful of garment care. Wash your clothing on a cool cycle using an eco friendly detergent and air dry. The dryer is notorious for ruining fabric, especially synthetics. If your garment is wrinkled or “stiff” after its dry, you can use a steamer (not an iron). Also, if a piece of clothing gets damaged and can be fixed, get it fixed! Don’t throw it away.

4.) Recycle! If you really want to get rid of an item, there are plenty of options out there to either donate or recycle. Do your research, there may be a local thrift store in your area that is accepting clothing. Or any local shelters that will accept donations.

5.) Be mindful when buying new pieces. I don’t believe we should “never buy a new piece of clothing, because thats not sustainable.” As mentioned above, ask the brand questions.  Also, pay attention to the fabric content and the quality of the garment. Make sure this new piece is going to last you for years and that you absolutely love it!

6.) One of the most sustainable ways to shop is actually thrifting or buying vintage. No new recourses are needed to create these garments, they already exist!




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